Adolf Hitler’s disgusting sex fetish exposed by top key spy dossier

Adolf Hitler’s disgusting sex fetish exposed by top key spy dossier

“” Inside info “” studies unveiled the demented Nazi leader had a desire for a hideous intercourse work

  • 19:10, 6 MAR 2016
  • Updated 09:30, 7 MAR 2016

Adolf Hitler had a revolting sexual fetish based on a key spy dossier.

Wartime tests by A us cleverness agency discovered the Fuhrer that is evil had passion for “poo sex”.

The Nazi frontrunner apparently adored women performing the work while standing over him.

This disgusting revelation comes after it emerged Hitler ‘had a micro penis because well as simply having one testicle’.

The Daily celebrity reports that throughout the 2nd World War spy boss desired to know very well what made the demented ruler tick and delved into his individual life.

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Dr Walter C Langer produced a cleverness report, later converted into a guide, called “A emotional Analysis of Adolph Hitler their Life and Legend”.

This document for the usa workplace of Strategic Services revealed his belly churning sex-life.

Dr Langer concluded Hitler had been a ‘coprophiliac’ – a person who gets switched on by poo.

A doctor stated: “The training of the perversion represents the cheapest depths of degradation. “

Hideously, he would really like a female to get it done as he ended up being setting up.

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Adolf allegedly performed this gross intimate dream with their niece Geli Raubal.

She then confided in Hitler’s Nazi pal Otto Strasser by what had occurred – in which he later ended up fleeing.

Nazi Brown Shirt Ernst Rhoem once alluded to their frontrunner’s strange fetish during a balancing.

Western spies picked through to the abhorrent desire and included it when you look at the report on Hitler.

Rhoem also reportedly stated Hitler enjoyed “peasant girls”.

He stated: “When they stay within the industries and bend down at their work therefore that you could see their behinds, that is what he likes, particularly when they have big round people. Continue reading “Adolf Hitler’s disgusting sex fetish exposed by top key spy dossier”