Mortgage & Refinance Guide for People with Disabilities

Mortgage & Refinance Guide for People with Disabilities


You will find constantly facts to consider for first-time home purchasers or individuals seeking to refinance their house, and a impairment will make the method much more complex, but that’s no explanation to put down your ambitions. The home purchasing process, and programs that are specifically available to seniors, disabled individuals, and military veterans in this article, we will discuss your rights.

Historical Perspective

In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson finalized the Civil Rights Act of 1968, including a subsection often called the Fair Housing Act. This document prohibited discrimination whenever it stumbled on the purchase, renting and funding of housing. It could later on be amended to safeguard handicap and family members status besides the already included battle, religion, nationwide beginning, and sex.

  • To learning more info on the Fair Housing Act, see NOLO’s Fair Housing Act and Amendments
  • If you are enthusiastic about reading about further legislation, The Us americans with Disabilities Act, which have assisted to boost the lives of an individual with disabilities, you can travel to the ADA’s Guide to Disability Rights Laws. Continue reading “Mortgage & Refinance Guide for People with Disabilities”