Leg Raises put a greater amount of stress

five sets of Leg Raises.

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Both exercises work the abdomina Is as a

whole, but the Sit-Ups tend to work the upper abdomina Is to a

greater degree, while the Leg Raises put a greater amount of stress

on the lower area.

Anotber practice I recommend for beginners is to start immediately working on your stomach “vacuum”-simply blowing

out all your breath, sucking in your stomach as far as possible,

then tlying to hold this order steroids online usa body-muscles.com for fifteen or twenty seconds.

Simply holding in your stomach and tensing your abs as you go

about your daily business is a good way of firming and strengthening them and making yourself more conscious of how to control this important area of the body.

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You should begin to notice

right away whether your abs are likely to be a weak point in your

physique so that you can take appropriate action when you move

on to Advanced Train:ing.

Advanced Program

Once you have started to develop your abdomina Is, you can begin

to isolate and train each of the particular areas that contribute to

a firm and well-defined waist.

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This involves doing more sets and

a wider variety of exercises-like Bent-Knee Leg Raises, Bent-


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weak point

Upper abs.

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A weak point in the upper abs is relatively how to take winstrol injectable body-muscles.com rare, but

if you find this is a problem try adding to your regular program

amount stress

any of the exercises from the Sit-Ups section, such as Incline

Board Sit-Ups, Knees-in-Air Sit-Ups, Sit-Ups on the Floor, and

Roman Chairs.

Lower abs. This is a more common weak point, and its cure