Aware Polyamory: a blog about loving one or more

Aware Polyamory: a blog about loving one or more

We reluctantly became polyamorous 25 years back whenever my partner, Guin, asked to start our marriage.

in the long run, nonetheless, poly has shifted my worldview and identification towards the point where it is difficult to imagine residing some other means (you can read more about my shift into poly right right right here ).

Numerous buddies expected our wedding to end years ago with certainly one of us operating off with another fan, but I happened to be convinced we lasted such a long time because we allowed area for any other fans. I happened to be happy with everything we obtained together and thought our wedding had been bulletproof.

A few months ago, Guin decided she now wants to be monogamous after losing a deeply significant relationship. This might be fine that I become monogamous too and drop my longstanding relationship with Morgaine except she has also demanded. We felt it had been unethical as well as cruel to produce such a need and, after some hawing and hemming, declined. Guin is currently debating me and is considering leaving to “create space” to attract a monogamous partner whether she wants to stay married to. It was a profoundly painful and time that is confusing my entire life, but additionally a amount of deep learning and insights. I am hoping to create I have more distance and clarity about it when.

Within the meantime, I’ve been revisiting the thing I encounter as a number of the benefits and drawbacks of polyamory to help keep my bearings into the storm. Continue reading “Aware Polyamory: a blog about loving one or more”