Rubber Apps aplenty, but used how often?

With women’s rubber beingness a topic of debate and discussion athwart each stands you hear of a new safety app being launched every over-the-counter day after day

A basic look in the app storehouse of your smartphone testament consecrate you a amazing act of results. Immediately eve the governments birth arise with their own apps, with the Delhi Law late unveiling the Himmat app. With so severals of these rubber apps so easy available, we asked women in the city if they establish these apps in their phones to feel assure and whether they indeed use them.

Why will the attacker appropriate me to use my phone?

Soumya, a student, states “I cogitation the tendency of a somebody who is trying to harm you is to first grab your bag and your holdings and throw them by So, eve if I have an app installed in my phone, I don’t cogitation I testament dumbfound a chance to take out my call from the pocket or bag if I am attacked ” www bildkontakte.

No use if you don’t birth net or an android call

Blink Bhayana, a freelance recruitment physician states “I downloaded the VithU app after sightedness a lot of ads on TV. Kareena Kapoor Caravansary and lots of other TV actors were shown conversation almost the app, and that is how I got to know almost it. I have had this app for a long age but thankfully, never had to use it. The problem with these apps is that you won’t be able-bodied to use them if you don’t birth net connectivity. ” Anu Mishra*, a Class XI student, states “These apps are useful but for those who birth almighty dollar for internet parcels I’m a undergraduate and I am not allowed to subscribe to internet parcels I can use the net but in a WiFi area Thither should be apps that exercise eve without the internet, difficult they are useless for people care me. ” Preetika*, a media pro states “I birth a Blackberry call so most of these rubber apps don’t exercise in it. Lots of my boon companion birth these apps and even though they haven’t ever victimised them, they feeling safer fair having them on their phones. I am provisioning to buy an Humanoid call so that I can download single of these apps. ” Saranya Rustagi, a Gurgaon-based embodied pro besides has one such women’s rubber app installed on her call “I birth the Guardian app on my Windows Call but thankfully, I have never needful to use it, ” she said. If a somebody doesn’t birth plenty correspondence substance carte or an net mob they cannot use this app, as it despatches an SMS to the user’s certified junctions And even if I air an SMS alert to my folk colleagues they won’t be able to arrive and help me in age Nevertheless I read almost Delhi police’s Himmat app and I will download it. I think that is far more utile

Never victimised any app

Krapika Singh Person a PR pro supported in Noida, states “It has but been a couple of months because I stirred to Delhi from Mumbai. Patch I was in Mumbai, I didn’t download whatever rubber apps because I always mat good thither I didn’t download these apps eve abaft I shifted to Delhi, but I birth get also deliberate patch traveling If I issue an automobile or a cab, I message the details to a copulate of my friends for safety justifications ” Nitika*, a media pro states “I had one of these apps in my call for a long age but thankfully, I never had to use it. Nevertheless the app was consuming lots of memory place in my phone, so I deleted it. ” Richa Nigam, a research student states “I birth the VithU app. I cannot say whether the app is useful or not as I birth never featured whatever spot where I needed to use it. But still, whenever I am out former I keep my GPS and app agile so that my family and friends cognition where I am. ” Bineesh Zafar, an airhostess, states “I birth never victimised any safety app as I don’t cogitation they are of any help. ” vain in categorical crisis? Smriti Mishra, a Class X student, states “I birth never victimised any app. I doubt their usableness I don’t cogitation that at the age of an emergency, eve if I use one of these apps, anyone testament be able to arrive me in age – be it the police or my junctions Besides in turning-point I don’t cogitation I testament retrieve to send an alert SMS. ” Manisha Dwivedi, an assistant wellness clinic coach states “I birth never victimised a safety app. I think we need to memorize self-defense to attend of ourselves. ” Asma Chishti, an HR coach states “I don’t birth whatever rubber app. I have captivated self-defense breeding and I think I can issue bettor aid of myself. Apps won’t be of any use in an categorical exigency In a megalopolis care Delhi, anyone on my list of contacts, eve my folk colleagues testament issue age to reach me and till so my aggressor could do whatever he wants. It’s also care ratting human beings that something has happened, rather of indeed deed aid I keep my phone in my bag and during an exigency I don’t cogitation I testament be able-bodied to dig my mobile from my bag and air a aid alerting

Too many insects

Suchitra Shishu, an HR physician aforementioned “I had a safety app, but eventually, I had to delete it because of numerous insects You need to add the contact numerals of boon companion and relatives. I tried investigation how to use it, but instead of just sending my GPS location to my certified junctions the app besides started sending bulge substance search aid – not even big the somebody age to check my location. It was a nuisance, so I deleted it. Besides you need to switch on the app and net connective every age you step out of your family or workplace. If it is off, the app is useless. ”

Mayhap the law app testament be also utile

Garima Singh*, an engineering undergraduate states “I birth never victimised any such app. But when I came to know almost Delhi police’s app, I tried downloading it. But it unsuccessful every age so I gave up. All the over-the-counter apps tell boon companion or family, which, by me, is useless. Nevertheless buttoned up this app, if the cops indeed ejaculate inside a few minutes to deliver me, as they are claiming to, so I cogitation it can be utile But I promise they fix the downloading job before long ”

Downloaded the app after mom forced me

Mishika Raj, a Class XI student, states “I downloaded the app as my father unbroken shrewish me. I have training classes in the eve and occasionally they advance trough former My mother asked me to download the app, so that I can air an exigency substance to my folk if I encounter any problem. ”

(*Names denatured on request)