“My Guy Includes A Fetish…Of The Oral Kind”

“My Guy Includes A Fetish…Of The Oral Kind”

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Friday happy! And, today is, “Straight, from your own Gay Best Friend, ” Advice Day.

In line with the theme of two letters I received, i will be calling today, “Fetish Friday. ”

Enjoy my people that are beautiful!

Dear Gay Companion,

I’m curious about a man that I’m seeing named “Vick. ”

Vick is 42, divorced with 3 young ones, but he lives alone. Just just just What attracted us to Vick is the fact that he is a deacon-in-training into the church. Vick could be the gentleman that is ultimate. He starts doorways, calls me personally breathtaking, lol, and cares about me personally and my kids and our well being. I suggest what’s not to ever like about any of it man?

Anyhow, as time proceeded, Vick and I also would go directly to the films and later return to my destination where we might stay and talk. This proceeded for a time, after which right here comes the kissing. Obviously, after kissing, guess what happens comes next. I’m all hot and bothered and he wouldn’t normally whatsoever pursue me. Vick says, “I would like to do things right because we have been both Christians. ” BUT, he carries out dental intercourse on me personally (dual standard).

Therefore, this went I got fed up on I know a good 7 times and. I inquired Vick if he pastly girlfriends that are previous. He got EXTREMELY psychological and threatened to go out of me personally simply because we asked that concern. Long story short, he LOVES anal that is performing intercourse and gets REALLY excited about this. I’m curious about him. Although, he states that he comes with an erection dysfunction – which we did see medication prescribed for – we have experienced (penetration) intercourse about three times away from a 7-month time period. Continue reading ““My Guy Includes A Fetish…Of The Oral Kind””