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directed by: Ryan Coogler.
genre: Action.
duration: 2 Hour 14 min.

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I absolutely loved this movie and I can’t agree with anything that the haters say. It’s a combination of a few things – that’s why it’s so amazing. It has a decent story that is properly developed (unlike a lot of action movies that focus on effects only) the effects are mind-blowing, the outfits are beautiful, the sets are stunning, and I loved the acting. Why are people saying the acting was terrible? I actually LOVED how authentic the actors played, better than many white actors. And the accents are a great addition to it. Oh, and let’s not forget the humor. There were a lot of effortless funny lines.
I couldn’t find anything wrong with this movie if I tried. Brilliantly executed, fun, magical and at the same time real. Great filmmaking that everyone can enjoy, not just black people. This is how a movie can tear down barriers. Made me think of how much the world needs peace, how we need to get rid of weapons and make it possible for every human being to travel and see the beauty of the places that are out of reach for many of us.

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I was pretty disappointed in this one, I am usually a sucker for superhero flick. The gadgets/tech ideas were great, but it was downhill from there. While there were a few good acting performances, most were not which was very distracting from the movie. It was really what ruined the movie for me. It also wasn’t a great storyline, I can handle that it was pretty predictable, it is a superhero movie. However, it just seemed basic. Just when you thought it might gaining traction and pull you into it, it would just fall flat.

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